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Lustre Renewing Gel 50ml

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Lustre Renewing Gel with AHA fruit acids to brighten skin and target uneven skin tone to combat hyperpigmentation and discolouration.

Suitable for all skin types | Vegan | Hypoallergenic | Not tested on animals

Lily & Loaf’s Lustre Renewing Gel is specially formulated with natural ingredients and AHA fruit acids to brighten skin and target uneven skin tone for a bright and beautiful complexion.

AHAs are alpha hydroxy acids – naturally occurring chemical compounds that work to exfoliate the skin, helping to remove dead cells, revealing fresher looking skin, reducing fine lines, and brightening dark spots. Unlike harsh facial scrubs, they help to loosen and dissolve dead skin cells, resulting in gentle yet effective exfoliation.

AHA fruit acids can help to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring and can help to inhibit melanin formation, to combat discolorations that darken your natural skin tone. Glycolic acid is considered one of the premier AHAs. It has been extensively researched and found to bring impressive results, as it is naturally hydrating and encourages the skin to retain natural moisture, whilst helping to improve skins firmness and softness.

This luxurious lightweight gel with natural aloe vera juice is formulated to target areas of imperfection and is fragranced with organic Fennel and Mandarin essential oils. Both oils have an affinity with the skin and bring a delightful, sweet, uplifting aroma that calms, soothes and promotes natural relaxation

Natural, organic and hypoallergenic. Alcohol and paraben free with no synthetic fragrances. To find out more about this product download our factsheet HERE

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