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Pricing & Returns

Pricing and Third-Party Website offers
Lily & Loaf Direct Customers benefit from exclusive ‘Direct Customer’ discount prices when ordering directly from the Lily & Loaf web site, or via Lily & Loaf Customer Service. This discount is 15% off SRP. Direct Customer discount prices cannot be used in conjunction with offers shown on third-party websites.

Direct Customers may choose to order products directly from other third-party web sites, some of which offer discounts and cashback opportunities. In such cases the Direct Customer will pay the price shown on that website, without the additional benefit of ‘Direct Customer’ discount prices.

90 Day Customer Money Back Guarantee
By law your products must correspond with their description, be of satisfactory quality and be reasonably fit for the purposes for which such goods are normally used.

In addition to these legal rights and to your legal right of cancellation as shown above, Lily & Loaf offer a no quibble, guarantee. For consumers who have made a purchase for personal use and, for whatever reason, are not totally satisfied with their product, Lily & Loaf offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

If you wish to return products under the 90-day guarantee please follow the procedures set out below, explaining that you would like to take up the 90-day money back guarantee, and return either your unused product or empty container to Lily & Loaf Head Office. 

Please remember to get a returns number by following the Returns Policy Procedure and include with your returned items your name, address, order number, and account number (if applicable). If the item was sold to you directly by a Lily & Loaf Reseller, please include the name of the Lily & Loaf who sold you the item(s).

Returns Policy
All returns must be authorised in advance by Lily & Loaf Customer Service Department. Please email for a 'Returned Goods Authorisation' (RGA) number.

All RGA numbers should be clearly marked on the outside of any package that is returned to Lily & Loaf Head Office. Packages returned to Lily & Loaf without a visible (RGA) number will not qualify for a refund and such packages cannot be returned to the s



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