Super Bears
Super Bears Super Bears
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- 90 Jelly Bears (Up to 90 day supply)
- Healthy Rascals Chewy Bear Shaped Multivitamins
- Non GM, Artificial Flavourings & Preservatives

Vegetarian | Vegan | Gluten Free

What is it?
Healthy Rascals Super Bears are vitamin and mineral enriched wholefood jelly bears that taste just great. Especially made for children aged 3 years or more, but can also be enjoyed by mums and dads!

What are the benefits?
Chewable Super Bears are in a ‘food complex’ that’s gentle on the tummy and readily absorbed by the body. Each chewy fruity bear contains a full spectrum of nutrients at the levels children need for optimum health. This special formula includes vitamins C, which contributes to immune function, the nervous system, and normal collagen formation for skin, bones, teeth, gums and cartilage. Vitamin D to maintain normal growth and development of bone in children, and B-Complex Vitamins for energy-yielding metabolism, and a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Super Bears are free from artificial colours, flavours and GM ingredients.

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Active ingredients per tablet        %NRV*
Vitamin A                         393.µg         49
Vitamin D3                        10µg         200
Vitamin E                          3.7mg         31
Vitamin C                        10.0mg        12.5
Vitamin B6                      0.52mg          37
Folic Acid                       130.0µg          65
Vitamin B12                     2.55µg        102
Biotin                               30.0µg         60
Pantothenic Acid               2.6mg        43
Zinc                                   1.35mg      13.5
Iodine                                21.0µg         14
Inositol -                            20.0µg         *
Choline -                           20.0µg         *
*Nutrient Reference Value

Other Ingredients:
Natural cane sugar, purified water, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavours (strawberry, lemon), natural colours (black carrot, beta carotene), vegetable oil and carnauba wax.

Nutritional Information

• Good levels of food-based vitamins and minerals.

• Food complex - gentle on the tummy and readily absorbed by the body.

• Contain a full spectrum of nutrients at optimum levels.

• Designed with children in mind, but suitable for all the family.

• For maximum support, take alongside Healthy Rascals ‘Immune Plus’.

Quality Assurance & Efficacy
All products in the Healthy Rascals Range are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities which work to good manufacturing practice (GMP) and pharmaceutical level quality control, and very batch of product receives a manufacturers’ certificate of analysis. There are no GM ingredients in any of the Healthy Rascal’s products.

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This product can be sucked or chewed, and either taken with food or on an empty stomach.

Age 3-5: 1 bear per day
Ages 6-8: 2 bears per day
Ages 9-12: 3 bears per day.

Or on average, 1 bear per 10-15kg of bodyweight. .

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of sight and reach of children.