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Ylang Ylang III 10ml (Organic)

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Fragrant, sweet and intoxicating, this soothing oil lifts the spirit and relaxes mind and body. With euphoric and  aphrodisiac properties it inspires inner peace, joy and self-esteem. 

Nervous | Glandular | Circulatory | Skin | Emotional | Spiritual | Healing

Ylang Ylang is a large tree native to the far eastern countries like Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. 

In aromatherapy Ylang Ylang III oil is considered one of the best for relaxing the mind and the body.   Simply inhaling the aroma is said to help reduce blood pressure, and in massage the oil naturally enhances relaxation, gently relieving stress and anxiety.  Emotionally and spiritually, ylang ylang essential oil helps to connect to inner self to heal emotional trauma.  Ylang Ylang III essential oil is valuable for both oily and dry skin types due to its balancing and soothing properties, and can be used for skin and hair care. The sweet exotic aroma of Ylang Ylang III Essential Oil uplifts the spirit, and is considered an effective aphrodisiac, perhaps due to a euphoric and sedative effect.

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Uses & Benefits

  • Diffuse for a fragrant uplifting atmosphere to relax and reduce anxiety.  

  • Massage after blending for sensuous, relaxing, relief from stress.

  • Apply diluted to oily or dry skin for balancing soothing properties.

  • Blends well with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Lavender.

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